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Week 5 – ID Practice (PDE4210)

This week kicked off our research at London Zoo and we spent the day attempting to prepare for our visit.

Our research method was heavily influenced by the IDEO Method Cards which helped us to formulate our methodology. It was an essential experience and instrumental in our preparation for the next three weeks of ID practice……… more information to follow.

Week 5 – Current Issues in ID (CMT 4210)

Our guest speaker was Dr Paulo Amaldi a former Programme Leader who recommended we read the paper “Electronic Furniture for the Curious Home: Assessing Ludic Designs in the Field” International Journal of Human Computer Interaction by Gaver et al. It was a paper which raised some very thought provoking issues which were discussed at length. I prepared a brief review of the paper with some further points of discussion which can be viewed here. This paper also elicited further reading into ‘Reflective Design’ and in particular a paper with the same name by Sengers et al became the subject of the following weeks discussion. 

Week 4 – ID Practice (PDE4210)

Nothing happening today, what a disappoinment

Week 4 – Current Issues in ID (CMT 4210)

What is Tangible Interaction? …. it is an interaction with digital objects through physical, tangible means?

Some example papers were presented and discussed:

Further reading was required to gain deeper insights into this framework and I found a considerable number of web sites which promoted and discussed relevent issues, these included:

I should also mention Ubiquitos computing which was covered in Week 3 and a paper called Moving on from Weiser’s Vision of Calm Computing which contrasted with MIT’s project Oxygen I think? Comments would be welcome.

My Course Begins

Life changing email reads…. Dean, The news is good……. ‘I’m in’  

Andy Bardill (Dr) Director of Programmes 

Bob Fields (Dr) Programme Leader 

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