Week 9 – Current Issues in ID (CMT 4210)

Talk by Suzette Keith on Design for All and designing for older drivers.The Development Of A Participatory Research Methodology With Older Drivers. by S. Keith et al. in Proceedings of TRANSED 2007.The link above takes you to the online version. I would also like to add that Suzette has provided an online version of her paper and should be praised for maintaining the very principles of education and that, I believe is too share our research with everyone rather than these hideous ‘charging for papers’ sites which I have found too seriously restrict furthering my understanding of many academic research subjects, why should I/We have too pay for current research? so thanks Suzette, I will certainly do the same, if I get the chance.

The same praise should go to Carlyn Worstell, who helped immensely, with our research at London Zoo.   Another interesting paper regarding PD methodology can be found here


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