Latest Developments

I managed to get some time with the Head of Development and Innovation at Orange (where I work) what another outstanding experience, he managed to open even more Doors of Perception, I’m hoping to meet the Head of Interpretation at London Zoo next week and have asked Orange if they would/could attend this meeting with me, mainly to establish how we can move forward in assessing London Zoo’s new Interactive Guide currently under discussion and development and hopefully to create new partnerships along the way. 

I still haven’t received any official response though from either party so I’m still whistling in the wind at the moment, I’m really hoping to continue with my plan to carry out my final thesis for the Interaction Design Msc. with and for the Zoo. I’m also hoping to find out more about Service Design from Orange and how they would plan and implement a service for public consumption much as London Zoo has done with the new £5.3 million Gorilla Kindom exhibit. How do you design a plan with so many considerations? How do you keep everyone happy?…….. with a good, well thought out design that puts people at the centre of the process, and that’s why I’m here, to find out how to do that!

I found this paper regarding Service Design, it comes under the banner of Service Oriented Architecture for managers but serves as a good introduction, particularly regarding IT where this model/perspective is popular, another current favourite is ITIL and this paper gives a reasonable summary.


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