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“The Worlds First Biomimetic Zoo”

The concept of a Zoo without animals springs to mind today.  So why not create the first Zoo with only human created animals. Animal cruelty free nature and real conservation, Zoo’s finance biomimetic robotics from the massive profits they make riding on the back of captive animals? 

They’re not exactly free flowing androids but the seeds are sown?

Why augment when you can reproduce biomimmetically? Although augmented wild Gorilla’s within the biomimetic zoo viewing space would magnify and authenticate the experience….. even if this one looks like a Wookie from Star Wars?

Cyborg Insects?

I found another interesting development in Biomimetic engineering, a little sinister but like everyone, scientists go where the money is – don’t they? The first video led me onto the second Collateral video which I think is a bit sensationalist, but hey that’s the news buddy?

This link  goes to the DARPA page flashed up in the video above. apparently DARPA are rumoured to have invested heavily in Facebook which is an interesting but kind of obvious way for the state to monitor us and lets face it if your fool enough to put up personal info that just should not be there then more fool you. Facebook is just another information facility which you must take personal responsibilty for. There’s more information here at Tribe a community orientated site.

I get the feeling I will be a little more cautious when using Facebook after reading this?

I also read that when anyone references the link to this video below via Facebook their accounts were suspended, the plot thickens?

Ethically Questionable Biomimetics

A stimulating take on Robotics but clearly a breakthrough for many reasons, not least biomimetic inspired prosthetic engineering. Please be aware that this video is a little disturbing and probably not for children. However, the problematic debate regarding animal rights versus the benefits to disabled people is brought sharply into focus in this video. It is of course particularly relevent for my own research and the diverse socio-demographic groups who could benefit from the use of biomimetic robotic technology based on this incredible discovery.

The second video below shows a human using this technology on a prosthetic hand.

Mind Controlled Robots are here….

Israeli Military Snake Robot

Also given link to this on Engadget which appears to have been removed from Youtube today for mysterious reasons!!!!! – Found another link below.

The picture below is a snake arm robot currently being used by a NASA funded search and rescue team in California, just click the photo for more information.

Snake Robot

Just one more interesting discovery below, it appears we have been making biomimetic robots in Europe for some time. Just click the picture for further Wikipedia  info.


“Without the shitting duck, we would have nothing to remind us of the glory of France.” Voltaire

My Ph.D: Enhancing social presence within human-robot interaction through the snake-skinned robot arm

portable snake-arm

I have received official confirmation that my Ph.D with Exeter University has now begun. This research is in partnership with Bristol University and iOC Robotics in Bristol and will be funded for the next 3 years. Accordingly, it feels as if I have been working towards this outstanding opportunity for more than 10 years and therefore it’s time to celebrate! Then the realisation hits home that I’ve got another 3 years of graft, labour and dedication ahead, so I’ll just look forward to celebrating in another 3 years or so?

The videos below gives some idea of the multitude of directions this research will cover.