Cyborg Insects?

I found another interesting development in Biomimetic engineering, a little sinister but like everyone, scientists go where the money is – don’t they? The first video led me onto the second Collateral video which I think is a bit sensationalist, but hey that’s the news buddy?

This link  goes to the DARPA page flashed up in the video above. apparently DARPA are rumoured to have invested heavily in Facebook which is an interesting but kind of obvious way for the state to monitor us and lets face it if your fool enough to put up personal info that just should not be there then more fool you. Facebook is just another information facility which you must take personal responsibilty for. There’s more information here at Tribe a community orientated site.

I get the feeling I will be a little more cautious when using Facebook after reading this?

I also read that when anyone references the link to this video below via Facebook their accounts were suspended, the plot thickens?


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