Daily Archives: July 13, 2009

Humanoid Robots & Diverse Domestic Spaces?

I found this great article on ROBOTS.NET  regarding Robotic skin, some of the examples are actually now available as a commercial or industrial product.

After watching the following documentary on RealDolls I can begin to understand the current pre-occupation with realism in contemporary Humanoid Robotics – RealDolls are currently selling 7 dolls a week for approximately $6000 each, both male and female versions are available. It’s a rather strange, voyeuristic take on what could be described as a product for filling a need for people who have Human Interaction issues, both complex and sexual. I found the documentary to be a little challenging but without bias and clearly compelling and topical for my project…….. if a little disturbing!  The link is HERE – embedding has not been allowed.

There’s a good article HERE in the Times, regarding ROBOETHICS, which raises some obvious concerns for the future of Sexbots. Could the Humanoid Robot industry be financed by the Sex industry – in much the same way as the internet has been? After all capitalism has no shame or inhibitions!

I also found an online feminist take on the documentary HERE, the comments are particularly interesting – mainly for the tolerant and accepting views expressed. Link to Laslocky (2005) paper.

How long before RealDolls move into Robotics? – Well they are already offering an ‘Interactive sensory response system’ and robotic actuated gyrating hips – so the answer is – they have already started.

There’s another interesting article here and a trailer for ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ here, a recent comedy written by Six Feet Under author Nancy Oliver.