Daily Archives: July 22, 2009

Social Construction of Emotions (Fear?)

After reading some of  Freud’s essay the ‘The Uncanny’ I have been fascinated with the concept of the social construction of emotions (ie Durkheim) and found some interesting papers/chapters – Human Evolution and Social Cognition and a Google book link here. I also found a paper I would like to read here regarding Durkheim. Also need to read a book called the Handbook of Emotions. The interest or thread was taken from an earlier post regarding our responses to snakes, are they evolutionary cognitive constructs or are our responses constructed for someone/everyone elses consumption? Also worth noting that Cognitive-behaviour therapy has been reputed to have been particularly successful with phobia’s or extreme fear. An important question to ask here could be; is the ‘uncanny valley’ socially constructed? I clearly need to investigate further and finish off the Freud and Jentsch papers in conjunction with the links above. I will definitely need to get a copy of  Mori’s ‘The Buddah in the Robot’ (see Books section). Another question to ask is whether Human Geography would perceive social construction itself as a space – which could put a new and clearer perspective on the discipline for me? I will consult Thrift!