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The Hug Shirt

Another vital Xmas present please, it connects to your mobile phone via bluetooth and gives you a hug determined by the caller, intensity, length of time etc. Where do I pre-order? – CuteCircuit

Twendy-One from Geekologie

We have seen this robot before but the Geekologie ‘take’ made me laugh so I have included their comments below.

‘Twendy-One’ is the horrible name of a new robot coming out of Japan. His claim to fame is his gentle touch, thanks to the 241 pressure-sensors in each hand, which allow him to grip bread without breaking it. Wow, just what I’ve been waiting for — a bread gripping robot. He stands five-feet tall, and the team responsible for his development hopes to get his price down to $200,000 by 2010. He was designed to serve breakfast, but so far only has a 15 minute battery life. Which makes perfect sense. I mean really. Who needs a warm breakfast on the table when you can have a robot that puts bread in the toaster, turns on the stove, powers down due to a low battery, then lets your house burn to the ground? All for only $200,000. Where can I pre-order?



The reeds give way to the wind and give the wind away.

A.R. Ammons, “Small Song”

The Vital Text


Translations include Waterstone’s and Blackwell’s apparently?