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Kompaï from Robosoft

This is a bit more like it, Kompaï is still big & clunky and of course the humanoid shape could/should be adapted for personal companion preferences such as a cat or a dog etc. A projector rather than a screen would also improve HRI. From a medical perspective the inspection/monitoring capabilities seem limited (ie. camera on head), whereas an OCR snake-arm/tail could/would enhance medical/social/haptic requirements/procedures such as conferencing (ie when laying down), close-up inspections, wounds/eyes/ears etc. The voice recognition is of course the way forward and Kompaï does this extremely well, well done Robosoft, only question would be from a professional carers perspective, is this robot going to effect my future employment or supplement it? An animal inspired robot will always seem less of a threat to employment and easier for anthropomorphic tendencies in the cared for, especially a hybrid companion robot (Daemon) with interactive haptic capabilities. MIT’s Huggable technology, Robosofts Kompaï and OCR’s snake-arm technology would be the perfect hybrid Daemon robot – interactive haptics, voice recognition and associated internet services together with snake-arm manipulation for monitoring, inspection and further proactive tactile capabilities, what a combination!

Interaction (below) with humanoid robots always seems to echo slavery, not to mention Mori’s uncanny valley hypothesis? Kompaï from Robosoft is a great start though and would be absolutely invaluable for research purposes, all in all another topbot going in the optimum direction!