Daemon Robots or is it Daimon Robots?

A pleasant surprise to find the video below from Hazel Grian her blog provides a detailed presentation regarding this project.

I had a another look around the Internet at the Pullman take on Daemon’s and found that quite a few people had posted emotional, tribute style compilation films on Youtube regarding the relationship of Lyra & Pan (her Daemon) from the Golden Compass films. An example below:

The Daemon concept/myth/relationship clearly ‘runs deep’ but also contemporary and David Farrell Krell’s, Daimon Life (Heidegger and Life Philosophy) is a testament to how deep perhaps? I get the feeling that Pullman may also have read Krell or perhaps I’m doing him an injustice and he did actually manage to read Plato’s Symposium (202ff.)? I wish I could!

I personally like Daimon rather than Daemon , it has history on its side?


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