Online Papers of Interest

  1. Shaping Human-Robot Interaction:Understanding the Social Aspects of Intelligent Robotic Products

  2. A Slug Detection System for the SlugBot.
  3. The design & evaluation of interactive systems with perceived social intelligence: five challenges
  4. On the Psychology of the Uncanny
  5. Understanding Social Robots
  6. Being Human – Human Computer Interaction in the year 2020 (Microsoft Research)
  7. The Autonomous City Explorer: Towards Natural Human-Robot in Urban Environments
  8. The Haptic Creature Project: Social Human-Robot
  9. Social impact of intelligent artefacts
  10. Social Constructionism in Science and Technology Studies
  11. Introduction to this Special Issue* on Human-Robot Interaction
  12. SenseCam: A Retrospective Memory Aid
  13. Robot, Rabbit, or Red Herring? Societal Acceptance as a Function of Classification Ease
  14. Mental Models and Cooperation with Robotic Assistants
  15. Towards geographies of cyberspace
  16. Real Dolls: Love in the Age of Silicone
  17. SlugBot: A Robotic Predator in the Natural World.
  18. Self-healing materials with microvascular networks
  20. Robots in Organizations: The Role of Workflow, Social, and Environmental Factors in Human-Robot Interaction
  21. An Empirical Framework for Designing Social Products
  22. Androids as an Experimental Apparatus: Why Is There an Uncanny Valley and can We Exploit It?
  23. Roboethics – a comparative analysis of social acceptance of robots between the west and Japan
  24. Anthropomorphism and The Social Robot
  25. Fundamental Issues in Affective Intelligent Social Machines
  26. The SenseChair: The lounge chair as an intelligent assistive device for elders
  27. An ethological and emotional basis for human–robot interaction
  28. An Ethnography Primer
  29. Engineering of a Robotic Snake
  30. Are physically embodied social agents better than disembodied social agents?: The effects of physical embodiment, tactile interaction, and people’s loneliness in human–robot interaction
  31. An On-Going Evaluation of Domestic Robots (Position Paper)
  32. Design Patterns for Sociality in Human-Robot Interaction
  33. Development of a DMFCP – Powered Humanoid Robot (Powerpoint)
  34. Methodology & Themes of Human-Robot Interaction: A Growing Research Field
  36. Design of a 7 Degree-of-Freedom Upper-Limb Powered Exoskeleton
  37. Snake-arm robots slither forward (BBC News)
  38. Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES) and Augmented Reality
  39. Fuel Cells and Mobile Robots
  40. An augmented reality guidance probe and method for image-guided surgical navigation
  41. A Roadmap for US Robotics: From Internet to Robotics
  42. Envisioning Systemic Effects on Persons and Society Throughout Interactive System Design
  43. Space by Nigel Thrift

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